About Us

About Us

No longer a singles company, Ignite Social Brisbane is all about kick starting your social life; with events like trivia nights, pub crawls, boat parties and more! We have some events aimed at people making friends, some focused on dating, and some are simply a fun night out, where you’re sure to meet people along the way. If you’ve just moved to Brisbane our events are perfect, as you can explore some of Brisbane’s finer venues whilst at the same time making friends, and maybe even meeting a special someone.

Having run events for a number of years, this is the feedback we’ve received: “the best way to ‘meet someone’ is enjoying yourself in a social space, and seeing what develops naturally.” A number of our events will have this angle to them, with plenty of ways to get over that initial hurdle of meeting the other people in attendance, without being forcibly paired up with them.

‘But how will I know who’s single?!’ Well, if you are looking to date, speed dating is the event which solves all the ‘problems’ encountered at other events.

  1. You’ll meet everyone in attendance
  2. Simply tick the people you’re interested in dating
  3. If they’re interested too, you’ll receive each other’s details via email the next day

However before dating apps, internet dating and the like people were meeting and dating without the ‘single label’ – it certainly can be done! If you’d like some guidance with ‘setting up your friend’ one night, consult one of our hosts who are there to help and ensure the night passes smoothly!