Phone or text?

So you’ve been to a speed dating  event, connected with someone there and lo and behold, the next day you have a match! You’ve come so far – but what now? Whilst a speed dating match is worth a lot more than matching with online dating, it is by no means a guarantee of a date.

One thing worth nothing about speed dating:  you may meet a lot of people to select from but you also have a lot of competition. (Online dating can be worse as your competition may be less ‘honest’ with their photos/profile – which typically helps no one). How do you stand out from your competition? A good way after the event is to pick up the phone and give them a ring..

‘Are you for real?’ you say – ‘people don’t ring each other anymore 🤣, and certainly not a phone number you haven’t interacted with before’. Or do they? A recent communication trend is the increase in recorded messages on, for example facebook messenger. With tone, pitch, pace and emotion you can communicate so much more than what you’re limited to with the 50-100 characters texting is limited to. And quickly too – a phone call can promptly establish when each of you are free for that all important date, which can take considerable time to organise over text, where you also run the risk of looking too needy if you aren’t careful.

But isn’t a phone call needy and weird? Perhaps it is unusual, but it does demonstrate confidence and shows you are serious about dating, which potential dates will relish.  And doing unusual things can be a good way to stand out! 

Whilst it can be a challenge getting someone to answer their phone to a foreign number, particularly  in this age of relentless spam & scam, we recommend you give it a shot! If they don’t answer, you can always take the easy option of sending that text you had half written 🙂

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