Who Should Pay for the Date?

When it comes to the first date one of the most common questions asked is who should pay, the man or the women? While many think it’s up to the man to pay, it can also come down to what type of date this is. 

If you’re out for your first dinner date this is when most people believe the man should pay, but there’s a few parts to this to remember. When the bill comes for dinner, even though the man might have full intentions of paying, this is the woman’s opportunity to show she’s not just along for a free meal. The woman should offer to pay her part and not just assume. The reason for this? If a man starts taking out a woman on dinner dates, always finds himself paying and she doesn’t offer at all he may start to get the impression that she’s only there for his money.  

Now I know we’ve said that the woman should offer to pay her part, but let’s face it, Women love men paying for the first date. Some men just enjoy this little back and fourth of them insisting they pay for dinner. It’s a ‘feel good’ moment for the end of the date for both the man and the woman.

In a different scenario, you could be out for some casual drinks for your first date. Not a full dinner date, and this could be your first time meeting. This is when buying rounds of drinks works well. You buy a round, then they do. Even though in the end this is more of an equal split way of paying for the date, the man still has the opportunity to buy the first round of drinks to get things off to a good start.  

When it comes to any matches you receive from speed dating Brisbane, and you go out on your next date you arrange, remember these key points when it comes to paying for the date. These date manners will get you a long way when it comes to getting that second date. 

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