Women’s Speed Friending 25-39 Nosferatu Gin Distillery

Friday 2nd February 7:50pm |$29 includes a gin, beer or wine | Nosferatu 26 Jeays 
Looking to makes some new friends in this bustling city of ours? Perhaps you have recently moved or all of a sudden your friends have all turned into homebodies. Either way – what better opportunity to check out a hip new gin venue in Bowen Hills.
But why speed friending, what on earth is happening, who are you and what are you doing here*? (*Frame nudging quote)
At a speed friending event, you get to meet a room of potential friends one on one. The host will be there to greet you and arrange everyone to move around the room and meet everyone in attendance. So if you’re a bit shy that’s all taken care of!
One big difference to (our) regular speed dating is that tonight we won’t have match cards, will leave it up to attendees to follow each other on Facebook, Instagram or whatever social media all the young hip people are on these days (this allows for a cheaper event).
To make remembering names easier though everyone in attendance will receive (not a lame name badge, but…) a personalised name necklace that you will create yourself on arrival!
In the case of a really big turnout, we will run a selection of one on one and group rounds, so that you can meet everyone in attendance, and have a bit of a change of pace throughout the night.
Nosferatu is a new gin distillery in Bowen Hills, whose reputation is already spreading far and wide (I saw their gin offered on Straddie the other day). Gin is currently all the rage, and Nosferatu is quickly becoming renowned for their wide selection of in-house gins, including pavlova flavoured gin! Nosferatu is conveniently placed near Bowen Hills Station, with plenty of street parking options if you’re just getting the one drink.
Before our Speed-Friending night begins, Nosferatu has live jazz on a Friday night. So come early if you like and enjoy some jazz at this trendy venue.

25 -39 refers to the recommended age of attendees. Your ticket includes a drink on arrival (wine/beer/spirit/soft drink).

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    02/02/2024 7:50 PM
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    02/02/2024 9:45 PM
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    26 Jeays St Bowen Hills
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