3 Winning Tips for Single Events! Use these 3 tips to ace a single event!

Singles events are opportunities for unattached individuals to meet someone new. The good news is that there’s a wide variety of singles events to choose from. In fact, Ignite Dating had successfully hosted 30 singles events and more than 3,000 singles joined these events.

Tips for Going to a Singles Event

You have to understand that, people you meet at a singles event doesn’t know you. To ace and success in a singles event, you can use these 3 singles event tips and turn the event into a truly significant step toward meeting your significant other.

Don’t worry, I know singles events can sometimes wreck your nerves. These 3 singles event tips can not just help you make a positive impression at your next singles event but also help you calm your nerves.

1. Come to the singles event with the right attitude.

If your primary objective for attending a singles event is to find a special person, you are just raising your chances of being disappointed. In reality, finding your special person is a numbers game. It’s not any different from landing your dream job. The more resumes you send out the higher your chance of landing an interview and getting the job. The same goes with finding your special person, the more you expose yourself to meeting potential people, the higher your chance of discovering chemistry with the right person. So come with the attitude that you’re here to meet new people and make new friends and maybe you will meet someone special and the end of the evening.

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2. Pay Attention to Body Language

Research shows that a large percentage (93%) of communication is nonverbal, so if you’re looking to make a good impression at a singles event without having to say a word, it’s time to expand your nonverbal vocabulary with these simple tips.

First, smile. If your resting face makes you look pissed off, you are turning off others who may be interested in getting to know you. Second, uncross your arms. Otherwise, you will appear as though you’re annoyed, bored or upset. Third, get off your phone. No one likes to approach someone who is constantly looking down at his or her phone and appears completely disinterested and checked out. Lastly, relax and be confident about yourself, people interacting with you can feel the vibe around and inside you!

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3. Take the focus off yourself.

“Singles experts” often say you should “be yourself” when you attend a singles event or a speed dating event, but what does that really mean? Trying hard to “be yourself” just makes you focus on yourself, which can make you even more self-conscious and that can be nerve-wracking! I would suggest the contrary, take the focus off yourself. Don’t try hard to “be yourself”, just focus on others and focus on having fun, again having a good vibe helps! Games and interactions in the event are designed to help you take the focus off yourself through the ice-breaker and team-building games we play. When everyone is distracted with games, some competitive in nature while others designed to build camaraderie, the pressure is off to impress. That’s when others will get to have a peek at your true personality, and maybe discover chemistry!

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Most of these single events have a theme. We strongly suggest you go with the theme because going against the theme can make you look uninformed, uninterested, and unapproachable. Don’t be afraid to bust out your favorite costume, strap on your gladiator sandals, and have some dressed-up fun. A little bit of effort can go a long way.

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