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From a very young age, we all imagine a life with someone who we love and they love us back. Days filled with hugs and kisses, and many romantic nights. However, things are not going as you desire, and instead of going out and enjoying life you are staying home and wondering if there are any Sydney singles events you may attend.

Additionally, you may have already tried the old good Tinder or Bumble and decided that meeting people online isn’t your thing because you spend hours chatting with someone just to find out that you don’t like them in person. Next, you may decide to Google “Single events near me Sydney” but the results are confusing and overwhelming and you aren’t sure about the benefits.

This is where we come to the rescue! This article focuses on pointing out the top Sydney single events benefits, and how to navigate these events, so you are never confused by the Single events near me in Sydney search results!

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Top 4 Sydney Singles Events Benefits

To start, let’s make a difference between speed dating and singles events. There has been a lot of uncertainty between the two terms, therefore, it is necessary to clear any confusion between Sydney single events and Sydney speed dating.

Sydney speed dating is an event that helps single people talk with other singles who attend the same event. This type of event consists of a series of meaningful activities specially tailored for this type of event through which the participants get to know each other.

A Sydney singles event is a type of event in which through a relaxed atmosphere, drink tastings, boat tours,  and various mini excursions you have the opportunity to talk to the group, exchange opinions, and find your best match. If nothing else, you will surely have a good time, and a new experience to talk about.

By attending the Single Events Near Me Sydney you will avoid the monotony offered by the coffee bars, have a good time, and get out of your comfort zone without the need to go far in distance.

Finally, here are the top benefits Sydney singles events offer:



1.    Dress Up And Make The Spotlight

People say „the more comfortable clothes you wear are the more confident you are“. The clothing does not define who you are but says a lot about you.

You may be a person who does not have much opportunity to be well dressed. You work from home or just go to work or go to school where the dress code requires casual clothing, and your favorite clothes are waiting in the closet. Sydney single events are certainly places where you can use the best piece of clothing. Maybe it is an occasion to go shopping before it.


2. Meet New People In-Person (and decide on the spot if you like them or not)

Sydney singles events is an event that allows you to meet different types of people and through conversation, exchanging ideas, or participating in some competitive games, tailored by the professional dating consultancies, you decide on the spot if you like them or not. Also, please note that single events near me in Sydney are designed to connect singles with a similar mindset which makes the entire experience more convenient, relaxing, and easier to navigate.

The events are designed to give equal opportunity to everyone and you can spend as much time as you would like talking with someone. If the person you are engaging with clicks all the correct buttons you can ask for their contact and invite them for a second date. In cases where the conversation or the physical attraction is lacking, you can just politely excuse yourself and find someone else.

The best part of Sydney singles events is that all anxiety and stress from the first date are lifted and you can focus only on having a good time and finding your best match. You may end up with the love of your life or a friend for life.

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3. Enjoy Contests, Games, And Excursions

The current way of life occupies most of our day, so we forget how to have fun and enjoy some entertainment. Even when planning dates you may have found yourself struggling to figure out a good and unique plan to surprise your date. By attending Sydney singles events the stress of planning, organizing, and booking a place or activity is completely taken care of and your only task is to bring good humor.

The organizers of the best single events near me in Sydney are trained professionals who have perfected the game of creating unique experiences. They know the right bars, venues, and people who will help them curate the best possible environment for meeting new people. They are in charge of planning different games, contests, small excursions, wine, and food tasting events, and even outdoor sports events to help you find your match. Even if you are an introvert you will find an activity that both you and your perfect match will enjoy and have a nice experience.

For the more competitive extroverts, Sydney single events are of great benefit because there is always something new to try and explore and a new chance to win and take home not only the trophy but also your next girlfriend or boyfriend.



4. Free Drinks And Good Music

If you are a person who simply enjoys consuming quality food and drinks mixed with good music in the background, Sydney singles events are your best option to meet love, and friends, or just relax and enjoy the evening without the stress of organizing with your friends’ group.

Free-of-charge entertainment and beverages are common at the best single events near me Sydney. You can simply relax and be yourself while drinks are coming your way and the food is served. However, be very careful not to get drunk and embarrass yourself in front of your potential match. Be moderate in your actions and words and let the evening or day take its course and unfold naturally.

And there you have it, the 4 main benefits of attending a Sydney singles event. When it comes to preparation just remember to be yourself, act in good faith, and prepare in advance with conversation ideas and outcome expectations.

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Sydney Singles Events Guide

So how to navigate the single events dating scene? Here are our best tips on what to do before the event



1.    Do Your Research

The first thing you should do is find the events near you. A simple Google search for single events near me in Sydney will open a pool of opportunities for you; however, not all places will be suitable for your needs. Make sure you do thorough research and see if the place fits your needs in the first place.

Next, you want to check the age specifications, location, type of activity, dress code, how many people will be attending, ratings and reviews online, how long the event is, what type of people will be attending, and any special requirements (ex. Halloween costume, Christmas dinner, etc.)

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2.    Check Location And Transport

Once you have found your perfect Sydney singles event, check how far it is from your location, plan how you will arrive there, does it requires a lot of walking (this is very important for girls who intend on wearing high heels), the neighborhood, is it safe to walk alone or you need a companion.

Being extra cautious will save you a lot of time, money, and nerves so do your homework before you head out of the door and always keep extra cash with you.



3.    Plan You Strategy

For the best results from attending a singles event, we recommend a good strategy and preparation. Decide what you want to get from the event, who would you like to meet, how long you plan to stay and most importantly how will you approach your ideal match.



Top 3 Companies You Can Trust

1.   Ignite Dates

The top result that pops on your Google results page when you type in Single Events Near Me Sydney is Ignite social events and there is a reason for that.

Ignite Dates Sydney Single Events don’t require a subscription or registration for a fee. Just review the events they offer and book the one you are interested in. They proudly highlight that Ignite Dates is Australian-owned and operated and that their events are tailored to meet everyone’s expectations and make sure you leave home with a smile.



2. CitySwoon Date Nights

Cityswoon holds the Guinness World Record for the World’s Biggest Blind Date. Their events are run by our funny matchmaker and they organize their events in smaller age groups so everyone has similar life experiences and interests.

What is specific about CitySwoon Date Nights is that they offer in-person but also virtual events so you don’t have to leave your home during the pandemic.

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3. Dinner at Eight

If you are tired from noisy bars or attend boring after-work drinks with colleagues where you don’t have some kind of challenge, then you are welcome to meet a similar audience as you, who are ready to take the next step.

Sydney single events organized by Dinner at Eight are all about dinners in a company of like-minded people with similar interests and expectations. They cover an age group from 30 – 60 and they are held mostly at the restaurants across Sidney.



Final Thoughts

No doubt, single events near me in Sydney can offer much more than you can imagine. Now it’s your turn to rise above yourself and choose one from the few events we have highlighted. Life is going on at a high speed so don’t waste your time anymore. You never know when you will meet your life companion.

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