Top 4 Sydney dating places! Bring your love ones here for a memorable date!

In the era of the Internet, advanced technology, and the fast pace of life, there is less and less time for long courtships and conquests, writing romantic letters and songs. Has romance disappeared, lost its significance, or has the way of expressing feelings changed?


At the beginning of a relationship, when you are just meeting someone, impressions are very important, but they can also be deceiving. Of course, this is true for both sexes, and especially for the first date.


So where should you take your date to impress them and score high on the love chart? Sydney has a lot to offer but you need a solid strategy and good research to win. We have gathered together the best dating Sydney ideas and compiled this list to help you save time on research.


Let’s go!


Top 4 Sydney Dating Places


Going to the first meeting is exciting and fun, but let’s be honest – it can be uncomfortable and scary at the same time. While you are preparing for the first meeting with the person you like, you may be asking yourself: ‘Where to take my date and offer them a unique experience?’


This is our list of the best dating spots in Sydney:


1.   Sydney Single Events


If you are tired of useless ‘stalking’ on social networks trying to start a conversation with someone or if you are fed up with matching applications like Tinder, it may be the right time to experience something new.


Single Events


Dating in Sydney has never been easier. By attending the right events you can find a soul mate in a world where it is getting harder and harder to find the right person. Finding a life companion might be a long and complex process, filled with obstacles and disappointments. Therefore, here in Sydney, dating professionals have found a creative way to connect singles in an attempt to get to know each other. And who knows, it might grow into something serious.


Sydney single events are tailored as a less formal concept of event where singles are gathered with one goal – to meet someone similar.


Sydney single events are held in a relaxed atmosphere at various places like restaurants, cocktail bars, and coffee bars. Some of them include slightly different settings like snowy trips, Academy Award viewing parties, dinners, lunches, visits to the gallery, and even Valentine’s Day mixers. Some Sydney single events have specially designed programs filled with a set of games to help the attendants learn more about each other through a game.


Dating Sydney


To attend Sydney single event, you must book in advance, and pick your age group. Once the reservation is confirmed you should pay for your ticket and you will receive the location details in your email. Try to arrive at least 30min before the event so you have time to find parking, meet the hosts and take your drink.


2.   Bar Hopping


If you already have a partner, bar hopping can be a great opportunity for your first date in Sydney. Sitting in one bar for the entire night might be boring but bar hopping allows you to break the monotony by bouncing from one bar to another. You will change a few bars and not be tied up to only one place. It’s a great opportunity to taste different types of drinks or enjoy different types of music. At the end of the night, you can assess what type of music or drink your partner liked the most.


Sydney Dating Events - Bar Hoping


To be successful at this type of date you must have a very strict agenda. There are a few bars in Sydney that play jazz, pop, rock n roll, country, and much more, so you could make an agenda to visit a few of them. You could single out an hour to enjoy Elvis Presley’s songs and then change the enjoyment with Jimmy Hendrix hits or country music. In that way, you could experience different cocktails, beers, and wines or even make a mixture of all of them. But, don’t forget to be present, and mind your drinks. Mixing different types of alcohol can make you tipsy very fast and you can say or do things that will certainly leave a bad impression.


For all those who are not creative in making an agenda before the outing, Ignite Dating can take care of them. We offer Bar Hopping Parties where you pay an entrance fee and we take care of everything for you and your date.


Additionally, if you don’t have a date but still want to experience the bar-hopping party we offer Speed Dating and Bar Hopping events where you will get the chance to meet someone and have a great time.



3.   Picnic Date


A usual outing for coffee or dinner certainly doesn’t sound as tempting as a picnic date. It’s time to be more creative in a completely different way. A rug and a romantic wicker basket for a trip can transform your nearest park into the most beautiful place for dating in Sydney.


Take advantage of the warm days, prepare the food you love the most, treats, and a glass of champagne, and nature will give you a uniquely relaxing atmosphere. Going on a picnic date will probably surprise your partner.


Sydney Picnic Dating


But before heading out of the door let’s see some tips that might be helpful for your next picnic arrangement.


Inevitable things without which any picnic can not pass are:


  • Basket for carrying your goodies,
  • Waterproof blanket suitable for sitting on the grass,
  • Bottle of champagne or good wine,
  • Bottle opener,
  • Two glasses and
  • Trash bags


You should also add some chocolate, cookies, or fruit. Sprinkle the blanket with flowers to give a more romantic dimension to the date. Scattering flowers around the edge of your space can also be a good idea, too. To top it off add relaxing background music.


Choose carefully the location for your picnic date. Avoid places with a lot of noise and crowds. Remember, a picnic date is an event where you should utilize the beauty of nature. A secluded location near a river or lake or even a mountain with a good point of view might be ideal for your lovely mission.


Dress in comfortable clothes suitable for the event. Looser clothing will enable you to feel cooler and more relaxed.


We singled out the best 5 locations for picnic dating in Sydney. Let’s look at them:


  • Observatory Hill Park, Miller Point
  • Bradfield Park, Milsons Point
  • Clark Island, Sydney Harbor
  • Beare Park, Elizabeth Bay
  • McKell Park, Darling Point


An important thing you should always remember when you plan a dating Sydney picnic is to check the weather beforehand and make sure there is no rain, snow, or thunderstorm approaching because that will ruin the entire purpose of the date. However, you should make sure to avoid the scorching heat, especially during Sydney summertime.


4.   Movie Night


If you are inclined towards the old-fashioned way of dating in Sydney, the cinema might be a convenient dating place. Watching a movie on the first date may be a classic proposal, but it is also the best way to break the ice, reduce the present fear or make the first kiss happen. At the first meeting, you get initial impressions about the person you are dating and what it’s like to have fun with them. You must choose the right film genre for this occasion. Romantic movies are always trendy for the first date. Any evergreen classics may also be a good idea.


Ignite Dating Movie Events

In the cinema you watch a movie and occasionally exchange some comments about the movie, approaching the heads. If you both like the movie or you despise it, that’s a good sign for you. You probably have similar tastes and topics for conversation when the movie will finish. During the movie, both of you will be relaxed and you will reduce the tension between you and your partner.


We propose 3 cinemas in Sydney you could keep in mind, appropriate for your first date:


  • Ritz Cinema Randwick – shaped in Art Deco design and restored to its former 1930s glory
  • Golden Age Cinema – located at the stunning Paramount building
  • Palace Central Cinema – 13 screen complex located at Central Park Mall


If you felt comfortable with your companion, you could propose to continue the night at some bar or restaurant and evaluate the movie you have just seen. In that way you will find out a little bit more about your partner, what he/she likes or doesn’t like. In case you can not decide on an adequate restaurant, see the ones we singled out for you:


  • Alberto’s Lounge, recognizable with the perfect mix of Italian cuisine with Australian influence
  • Tokyo is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Sydney
  • L’Heritage, an authentic French restaurant


Movie Night


Final Thoughts


We hope that the text and tips will be helpful to break the ice and overcome the crisis characteristic of the first meetings. Although nervousness and excitement prevent you from relaxing, remember only one thing – the more you try into making Sydney dating a beautiful experience, the more successful your love meeting will be!


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