Single events can be fun! Try it out this Christmas and New Year!

Today’s life is moving like an express train. We live on the fast track. All-day routines and tasks occupy our day, which is why we have less and less time for leisure activities, socializing, going out, etc.


Has love lost its meaning? That means finding a love partner has changed. People have become dependent on phones, so establishing the first contact with the other person went from a live meeting to correspondence through social networks.


Single Events


Single events in Brisbane aim to enable single individuals to meet, make friends, and communicate in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. In this way, it allows them to find their soulmate.


Have you ever heard of single events in Brisbane? This article explains what single events are and where and how to sign up for single events in Brisbane.


Being Alone During The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year


Like Michael Buble said in his iconic song, “it is the most wonderful time of the year,” and being alone certainly isn’t one of the things on your to-do list. Spending time with your friends and family is fantastic; we should cherish every second we have with our dearest but coming home to a cold bed during Christmas and New Year break certainly feels heartbreaking. That is why we have two amazing single events in Brisbane prepared for you!


Take a look at the following single events in Brisbane and choose the one according to your needs. Take advantage of the pre-holiday period to spend quality time with like-minded individuals and bring excitement into your life.


Single Events Brisbane


1.   Rotating Trivia Night | 2022 Year in Review | Xmas Party | 20s & 30s | Stock Exchange Hotel


The single event takes place at the Stock Exchange Hotel, located in the center of Brisbane, along the Brisbane River, at 166 Charlotte Street, Brisbane City, QLD 4000. It is a pleasant place in the city’s center, diverse with extraordinary food and friendly staff.


The event will be a Christmas Party and have a unique Christmas theme. The guests should dress in formal attire following the Christmas dress code. For example, dress like a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, or any other clothing that reminds you of Christmas Eve. For the best dressed there will be prizes. It is your chance to shine and steal the spotlight!


This single event in Brisbane is a unique opportunity to meet new people while playing Trivia. The event is for all singles in an age group between 20 and 30 years old, and during the rotating Trivia, you will have a different group of teammates every round, so the chances to meet new people increase with the next round. Do not forget that you can come with your friends if you suffer from anxiety.


Christmas Single Events

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Participants will be organized into a party of 3 males and three females – you will have the chance to pick your teammates if you like. The first round begins with questions inside the group. In the next round, the male group will move to another table to get paired with another female group. That way, you will meet everyone in attendance. If you are shy – don’t worry! The organizer can include you in a team; you just have to ask.


If this is something that sparks your interest, you can make your registration for the Rotating Trivia NIght through the official site of Ignite Dating.


Single Event


The single events in Brisbane will be held on 23.12.2022 from 06:30 PM until 09:30 PM, and the tickets are only 29$!


2.   NEW YEARS EVE PUB CRAWL | With the ultimate ice-breaker game Curious Humans


For everyone who would like to have the single event experience during the craziest night of the year, NEW Year’s EVE PUB CRAWL might be the right pick. The event will take place at The Victory Hotel, located at 127 Edward Street. The hotel is located at the very heart of Brisbane city.


NEW YEAR’S EVE PUB CRAWL is slightly different from previous single events. It is a perfect occasion for those who haven’t planned where to spend New Year’s Eve. It is also an excellent opportunity to challenge love at the beginning of the new year.


New Year Single Events Brisbane

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The entrance fee is only 30$, and you have two drinks included in the price and other specials throughout the night. At the start of the night, the attendants will play Curious Humans, a simple game to get to know each other. The game is perfect for big groups and you will meet new people during the game at the very start of the event. Next, the game’s inventor, Tyler, will join the guests on the night. He will animate the guests and lead them to new games throughout the night.


You can sign up for the NEW YEAR’S EVE PUB CRAWL as a single or with a friend. But don’t worry if you are coming alone. Pre-event meets are often organized as an excellent opportunity for people who come alone. When booking, message the organizer if this type of event is available and if you could join and make some friends beforehand.


New Year Single Event


The whole night is about color, so the organizer encourages the guests to adhere to a tropical dress code, like Hawaiian shorts and a shirt, a complete moon party, or 80s neon fashion – be creative and try to stand out from the crowd!


Then comes the second part of the single event, the tropical dress theme. Every participant will get a colored bracelet. In that way, you know who is in the group and have other jewelry up for grabs. There is also a fluro face paint available!


This concludes the first part of the night.


For the second part of the night, the attendants move across the road to Stockies, where they finish the night at Pig & Whistle. Your ticket includes a drink on coming at Stockies and Pig and Whistle and additional surprises throughout the night.


Brisbane Single Events in Christmas

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During the night there is a photographer who takes pictures of the guests. But don’t worry, the organizer publishes only photos with a long shot. The organizer will post images taken from up close only with permission.


In the past, single events in Brisbane have proven to not only help people meet their soulmates but also provide great fun, trying new things and making memories for a lifetime, so don’t hesitate and book your spot.


Book your spot here for only $30!


Why Attend A Singles Event During The Christmas And New Year Break?


If all of your friends already have plans for New Year’s eve and spending your night with a bunch of couples isn’t something you enjoy much, then a single event in Brisbane might be the right choice for you.


We already mentioned the fun activities and plans in our offer for the craziest night of the year, but single events have many advantages you may not be aware of yet. To start, you will spend the night with a group of like-minded individuals who are in your age range and have similar life situations. Each of these people is looking for the love of their life while having fun, trying new things, and testing the waters by talking with different individuals.


Brisbane Events


Next, it is an alternative event not many will have the courage to attend, and you can be the one who will stand out from the crowd and have the best stories when you come back to the office after the break.

How To Book Single Events Brisbane For New Year?


Booking a single event in Brisbane has never been easier. Here are the exact steps you need to do to find the perfect event for you:


  • First, search for your age range and group type
  • Next, read the description to make sure that you are comfortable with the activities and venue
  • Then check the pricing, requirements, and details boxes
  • Last select Registration and put in your information and payment option
  • You will receive a confirmation email, and you can start planning your outfit and pick-up lines



What To Expect From Singles Events During The New Year Break?


To start with, expect lots of fun and entertainment because the primary goal of single events in Brisbane is for everyone to have fun and make memories. Next, expect to meet diverse people from various backgrounds who are single and open to mingling.


Brisbane Single Events


Single events are interactive, and the participants are encouraged to start conversations and enjoy their time there. The host will introduce the group and encourage some icebreaker moments, so expect to talk with almost everyone and get to know them personally.


Finally, expect to meet people you like but don’t set your expectations too high. The chances of finding the love of your life are 50-50, which is why you should always expect the best but prepare for the worst.


Final Thoughts

Single events Brisbane is one of the most fun and unique ways to spend your New Year’s Eve or create memories during your Christmas break. We have carefully selected a couple of them you may find interesting, but if these aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry because we have plenty of options on our website.


Now it is on to you, do you want to spend the most beautiful time of the year alone contemplating your life choices, or do you want to go out and meet new fun people? Make your choice today and book one of the single events we offer.

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