5 quick tips for Speed Dating Event in Sydney.

The modern way of life often does not leave us enough time to organize our social life or meet people in a safe and organized way. A lot of people desire an event where they can meet someone special or just spend a pleasant and fun evening in the company of new exciting people who share the same interests and with whom they can make friends.


Speed dating is the perfect occasion to meet educated and sociable people who belong to your age group and who want to increase their chances of meeting the right person.


This article has the aim to present our best tips for speed dating in Sydney and help everyone who wants to meet new and exciting people.


Let’s go!


5 Tips For Speed Dating Events In Sydney


If you are new in the speed dating community without previous experience of meeting other singles with the same expectations as you or you are asking yourself if speed dating is for you, we have prepared a couple of basic information to introduce you to a protocol of the event and a few quick tips for the successful mission of acquaintance.


Speed dating in Sydney is organized in exclusive and pleasant locations, where participants have an opportunity to enjoy great music and one free drink (at the most times). As a rule, you should arrive before the scheduled start of a speed dating event. Before the introduction begins, you need to register and get acquainted with the forms that need to be filled out.


Speed Dating Event Sydney


The host will meet you and then explain what the procedure is. After registering, you will receive a badge with your name and number, a notebook, a pen, and a free drink. The organizer will do everything to make you feel comfortable. As the group gathers one of our organizers will give a short introductory welcome speech, explaining the organization and how to use the notebook.


The acquaintance begins with the participants with number 1 sitting for table number 1, those with number 2 sitting for table number 2, etc. When the bell rings after a certain time, the ladies stay at their tables, and the gentlemen cross over to the next table until everyone in the group gets to know each other. You need to fill in the notebook carefully so that it can be determined later who you match. At the end of the evening, you can opt for one of two options in the notebook:


“YES” – I want to see him/her again.

“NO, THANK YOU” – no, he/she is not for me


If two people tick the “YES” box for each other, it means that there was a match and they are notified of all matches by phone or email.


Speed Dating Tips


Here are some quick types of speed dating Sydney events that you should adopt if you wish for a successful speed dating night. They can be really helpful, especially if you don’t have experience in this field.


1.   Don’t Be Late


First and foremost, do not be late. This leaves the impression of an irresponsible and unreliable person. Of course, there are also emergencies: your car was towed, or your dog got sick, or … whatever. But if you are late because you are careless, you will look unserious or even be left without another chance. Speed dating events are informal events but they still have a set of rules that must be followed.


Dating in Sydney


Therefore, it’s mandatory to arrive on time. Don’t allow other participants to wait only for you. The most appropriate time to arrive is around 15 minutes before the start so you have time to get acquainted with the environment and the host. You will also need sufficient time to sign for the event and to get a match card.


2.   Pick Your Event Wisely


Before you make a reservation for your speed dating event, we advise you to make a little browsing on the Internet to find the most suitable speed dating Sydney event for you.


First of all, check the age group and see if you will be in a suitable company.  Second, check the location where it will take place and see if it suits you. Furthermore, check what the event offers. Although each of the speed dating events is similar to each other, some of them have a completely different program that distinguishes them from the others.


Speed Dating Sydney


And finally, check what the speed dating event has to offer. How many drinks are included in the price? Do you have dinner or a snack? How many participants will participate in the event, etc..?


So, pick your event wisely and be assured that you have signed for the most convenient speed dating Sydney event. Otherwise, it is very likely to be disappointing, so do not waste valuable time and money.


3.   Dress To Impress But Not Overdress


In addition to the need to control the nerves and reduce the dose of stress that speed dating brings, it is also necessary to choose the right wardrobe, so that you feel comfortable and still look beautiful. When choosing a wardrobe, you should take into account the place where the speed dating event is, the impression you want to leave, and how excited you are to meet a few unknown people – so, not an easy task.


Speed Dating Events in Sydney


The wardrobe and the manner that people dress, tells a lot about them. Your clothes somehow reflect your character, so other people in many cases draw a conclusion based on their appearance. Therefore, bearing in mind the type of event we are talking about in this article, it is advisable to do your best to impress the crowd.


Attractive people draw attention. Your appearance has an important role in a positive first impression. Although speed dating Sydney events don’t seek a certain dress code that the participants must adhere to, it is advisable to adhere to some generally accepted norms when it comes to dressing.


Sydney Dating Tips


As the title above says “dress to impress but not overdress”. Sometimes exaggeration can seem kitsch. Following this motto, you probably realize that speed dating Sydney events require to be decent and well-dressed, due to the feeling of self-confidence, and being ready for action. It is cool to be set apart from the other ones but you should be careful not to overdo it. In that way, you will stand out from the rest again, but in a negative sense.

4.   Be Careful With Your Words And Your Drinking


Decency must be your trump card for a successful speed dating event. Decent people always care about their behavior. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that everything that you do at the event is done within the limits of the normal.


The main rule for your speed dating is to be relaxed and natural – be what you are! Wanting to please your interlocutor, if not by natural behavior, is not a good idea. Choose your words carefully just because you have a limited time to change some questions with another person opposite you. Forget monologues. Try to not overdo speaking. Listen carefully, turn yourself into an ear, and allow your interlocutor to ask you something or say something about him or herself. Ask questions and take an interest in his or her life, hobbies, life goals, and interests, but try to not overdo it, because you’re in a speed dating event, not a job interview. The conversation should be mutual – find out information about your person, but also let them know something about you.


Sydney Speed Dating Tricks


Be careful with alcohol, too. Bearing in mind that some speed dating Sydney events have unlimited consumption of alcoholic drinks available, it is important not to cross your limits. There is no worse “switch” to ruin the speed dating communication than this. Take your sips moderately, and allow yourself to relax. When you feel you have too much alcohol, pull the handle. You don’t have a chance for a second first impression.


5.   Prepare Questions


Because of the short duration of each speed dating event, it is useful to approach the conversation well-prepared. Keep in mind that you and your latest acquaintance will have only 5 to 10 minutes (depending on the event) to exchange a few words. You have that time to get to know the person and present yourself in the best possible light. You don’t have time to ask or talk about anything and everything, so you must utilize the time frame to get the most out of it.


Sydney Speed Dating Events Guide


Exactly because of the above, it is useful to prepare 3–5 most important questions for you to ask the person opposite of you. In that way, you will remove the feeling of anxiety and stress and your first questions will open a way for expanding the conversation. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that the other person might have a list of questions for you or some things that he or she may want to share with you.


Final Thoughts


If you want to be in a pleasant atmosphere full of goodwill and intriguing expectations – then a speed dating Sydney event is for you! Do not wait for your soul mate to fall from the sky. Seize the chance to find your date at some of the speed dating Sydney events.

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