5 Reasons Why You Should Attend Speed Dating Events More Frequently

Speed ​​dating events are a form of mini-meetings organized to get people to know each other. They have spread all over Australia as a revolutionary way of dating.


Everyone wants to meet and find a companion in life, so a five-minute conversation might be fateful for you. The current busy lifestyle does not leave us enough time to socialize with people. It reduces our chances of meeting someone traditionally. Hence the idea of organizing such kind of speed dating events emerged, which is more and more accepted among people.


Sydney Dating Events


We give you a list of 5 things why you should attend Sydney speed dating events and embark on this unique and interesting journey!


Let’s dive in!


Why Attend Speed Dating Events


In short, the protocol of speed dating events works in a way that 10 – 15 girls and the same number of men gather for a get-to-know-you dinner in a cozy restaurant. Ladies sit at tables with numbers, and men move to the next table after 5 minutes. Every 5-7 minutes, a surprise awaits you and a possible unexpected change in your life, because at the next meeting you can meet an interesting man or find the girl of your dreams. After each mini-meeting, the guests write their impressions on the sympathy card and mark who they liked and with whom they would like to continue their acquaintance. After the evening, the organizers compare the sympathy cards and in the case of a match within 48 hours, you will be sent an email with the phone number, as well as the names of the men or women with whom your choice coincided.




Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate anymore and check if Sydney speed dating is for you.

1.   Expand Your Social Circle


Primarily speed dating events allow you to expand your social circle. Meeting a lot of new types of people through short limited talking is an exciting adventure that you must try. Sydney speed dating events are specially tailored to give participants short but enough time of talking and changing minds to decide whether they like the person sitting opposite of you or you don’t. Perhaps, you could recognize your soulmate at the very beginning of the talk. Research has shown that we form an opinion about others in the first five minutes of the meeting, while we form a first impression in just a few seconds. People do not tend to forget the first impression because deep down they believe that what they intuitively understand about a person in that short time is quite close to the truth. A good first impression is important for your future relationship with the people you meet.


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You must be aware that the other participants of the Sydney speed dating events have the same expectations as you, regarding new acquaintances. Just as you expect to find your life partner at the event, the person who is currently talking opposite of you may expect the same from you. That is why it is of particular importance to prepare in advance for the event and be as approachable as possible to your interlocutors. Allow them to ‘penetrate’ into you, to get to know you as much as they can in the short time that the Sydney speed dating events allow you. Don’t let stereotypes lead you at the beginning. Allow the communication to be relaxed, and let the conversation flow spontaneously. The energy you radiate to others will attract the energy you are seeking for.


2.   Meet A Lot Of New People


Sydney speed dating events gather different types of people. You will be in a situation to interact with all kinds of people, communicative and less communicative, extroverted and introverted, interesting and less interesting, and so on. Just as we meet different types of people in everyday life, whether it’s at school, at work, in the hospital, or on public transport, we will also face different types at the Sydney speed dating events. Unlike common life situations, Sydney speed dating events give us a chance to exchange a few sentences and learn something more about the interlocutor on the other side, through the 5-minute conversation.


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But not every established acquaintance has to be seen from the prism of love. The very arrangement of the Sydney speed dating events allows you to expand your social circle of acquaintances with whom you will stay connected in the future. Many love relationships have resulted from the Sydney speed dating events, but even more, friendships made between the participants leave a mark on the Sydney speed dating events and thus give confirmation of the achievement of the purpose for which they were created.


Likely, you won’t establish a quality dialogue with every person, but that’s not the point of Sydney speed dating events either. The main point is to meet new different types of people, so if anything happens the better. Amazingly, Sydney speed dating events have given what going out has not. They allow communication with various interesting people whom you might not approach outside. You won’t even need to wait for hours for someone to start a conversation with you.



3.   Have Fun And Try New Things


Don’t take Sydney speed dating events too seriously. On the contrary, you should understand this type of dating exclusively as a fun way to find someone interesting to you, and if that doesn’t happen – no problem. It is certainly positive that you have a few minutes to ‘get to know” someone, so if you don’t like that person that much, you won’t have to wait long to get rid of that person. There is no faster way to meet more people in one place in such a short time, so you can like more of them.


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You will be in a position to try some new things you have never experienced in your life before. Sydney speed dating events are adjusted to offer the participants fun. They provide some relaxing music to allow the guests to feel more comfortable.


Do not overemphasize the matching. It comes spontaneously. Try to spread positive energy to look more tempting to others. However, the essence of Sydney speed dating events is that you are surrounded by other singles, ready to make new acquaintances. No matter if you achieve the goal to find someone or not, your priority must be to have fun.


Check out the following events on offer in Sydney and Brisbane, sign up for one of them, and taste the charm of speed dating.


4.   Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone


People nowadays are very alienated, lonely, and closed. They are in a non-stop race for time and other things and have no time for love and emotional moments. Maybe it’s due to upbringing or it’s a psychological moment, so this can be a great opportunity for people to open up. Follow the tips shared in the article below and try to present yourself in the best way you can.


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Sydney speed dating events are the perfect occasion for shy people to get out of their comfort zone. They are faced with difficulties finding someone in common situations throughout their life. They also have difficulties communicating with other people, unknown to them. Even more terrifying is the thought of communicating with someone they like. Sydney speed dating events provide a chance to step out of your comfort zone. You are somehow ‘forced’ to communicate with other participants so it’s your turn to step into unknown terrain. It’s a good chance to break the ice and to gain experience that will help you in life if nothing else.


There is a solution for everything, even for the shy ones. Try to apply the following tips to facilitate your position at some of the following Sydney speed dating events:


  • Prepare some initial questions to start the communication;
  • Give the interlocutor a chance to introduce himself/herself;
  • Use the limited time to present yourself in the best possible way



5.   Find Your Life Companion


The main goal of Sydney speed dating events is to meet a new partner or a new love. Why not something more serious, as well?  Sometimes, love must be challenged. Sydney speed dating events allow the guests to get to know each other, and if there is a match at the end of the event, to move on to something more specific.


The concept is designed to give a short time to participants to exchange a few sentences and let the spark ignite between them. A lot of past experiences confirm that many relationships have been initiated from the Sydney speed dating events. Some of them have resulted in a marriage, too.


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The expectation to determine who you are destined to spend the rest of your life with at first glance is actually what speed dating is. Sometimes you have an opportunity to scan people near you at a party or some celebration and you hope that you will find your soulmate, but such kind of ‘hunting’ is often unsuccessful, unfortunately. Today, with Sydney speed dating events you will be able to start your pursuit with the help of a place whose purpose is to allow you to find your soulmate. Unlike online dating sites, Sydney speed dating events allow you to feel whether there is chemistry between you and the current interlocutor or not.


Final Thoughts


If Sydney looks exciting enough, you should try that experience. Do not waste your time waiting for your soul mate to come from the clouds. Find the most suitable Sydney speed dating event for you and grab the opportunity to find your life companion.


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