5 Speed Dating Secrets You Never Knew

The fast way of life and the daily rush for work as well as isolation and alienation have made it difficult nowadays to find a partner, a friend with whom to socialize or enter into an emotional relationship. Everyone spends a lot of time on social networks, and the Coronavirus has contributed to the fact that people less socialize.


Speed ​​dating events in Brisbane in the form of mini-meetings organized to get people to know each other are spread all over the world as a revolutionary way of getting to know each other. This type of dating has turned into a fashion trend of its kind.


Speed Dating Brisbane


Speed dating events in Brisbane have become more and more acceptable among people lately and everyone who seeks fun and adrenalin is welcomed to the event.


Speed dating is a model of a rapid mutual acquaintance of adult individuals, in an organized manner. Speed dating events in Brisbane operate in such a way that a woman sits at a table. A man approaches the table and the conversation lasts 5 or 7 minutes. Then there is a rotation, i.e. the woman is approached by another man, and so on until everyone completes a whole circle. All participants receive a paper with ordinal numbers on which they need to mark people who are interesting to him/her. Those who have shown mutual interest join together for further socializing. With pleasant music, a nice romantic ambience, and a pleasant program host, you will enjoy socializing and meeting people of similar affinities and suitable ages.


Speed Dating Events


Although unconventional speed dating events in Brisbane have proven over and over that they are beneficial to everyone, especially for the shy ones.


Here are some of the benefits:


  • Quick contacts and acquaintances;
  • The contacts are real, not virtual;
  • If you don’t like the person you just met, you don’t have to worry because your acquaintance will last 5 minutes, and then a new acquaintance will follow;
  • Relaxed atmosphere and pleasant communication;
  • There is no need to reject someone or to be rejected. There is no need to be shy because everyone is there for the same reason;
  • There is a chance to meet someone who is not ready for new acquaintances in everyday life. This kind of possibility does not exist in speed dating;


Top Speed Dating Secrets


If you want to be more successful at speed dating, you should follow certain rules. They can help you present yourself in the best possible light. However, there are a few secrets that only the most successful participants are aware of. Here we have singled out five-speed dating secrets that you must apply at the next speed dating events in Brisbane.


1.   Do Your Research


There are different types of speed dating events in Brisbane when it comes to age groups, location, rules, cost, etc. That’s why it is important to make some kind of research for your next speed dating event before making an appointment.


Speed Dating


The first thing you have to check is the location of the venue. If it is a destination far away from your home, it entails thinking about transportation options. Public transport could be a solution. Furthermore, If you have a car, make sure there is a parking option available nearby. Pay attention to these technical aspects to eliminate even the smallest causes of sweating and anxiety.


Second, make research about the types of people that will participate in the event. Check the age group of the guests and make sure you won’t go astray in the wrong company. There are speed dating events in Brisbane for teenagers to events for retirees. Pick the event suitable for your age and make sure you will be at the right place. It is also useful to review the rules of the event. The participants have to adhere to certain rules established by the organizers. Otherwise, there is a possibility of being disqualified or even banned. To avoid any possible inconveniences, read the rules of the game.


Check if there is a mandatory dress code, too. Most of the events don’t have any specifications about it, but who knows, it’s better to make sure beforehand.  And finally, check the cost of the event, what is included in the price, whether there are extra charges and how long is the event expected to be.


2.   Take A Friend


Going alone at speed dating events may sound a little bit scary for someone. The fact that you will change several interlocutors, unknown to you, can increase the tension within you. The discomfort is especially present in shy people or people with a lack of confidence. However, do not worry if you are a part of this group. There might be a solution to it.


Dating Events Brisbane


If you feel a little bit uncomfortable participating in speed dating events in Brisbane and you don’t do well alone, think about taking a friend with you. You will feel more relaxed when you know that you have someone familiar nearby. If some of your friends, colleagues, relatives, and neighbors are still single, it might be a good idea to offer them to attend speed dating events in Brisbane together. Each of you participates separately but, knowing that you have someone familiar to fall back on will help you both to remove the tension and have someone to exchange experiences with after the event.


3.   Don’t Think About Your “Type”


Leave stereotypes at home. Speed dating events in Brisbane allow you to meet different types of people. It is important to give a chance to each one of them. Try to be open to communication. Do not bother yourself with ‘my type’ syndrome.


Speed Dating Events


Try not to look at people according to their body type, job, hair color, or any similar characteristics. Do you know that more than half of the couples that have emerged from speed dating events in Brisbane testify that the partner they are with, does not possess the characteristics that he\she imagined at the beginning? It is useful for the participants to be free from all kinds of prejudices. In that way, communication with the interlocutor will flow more easily. Break out from all limits created in your head, sign up for the speed dating event that suits you most, and accept the challenges that the event brings with it.


4.   Don’t Leave Without Saying Goodbye


One of the worst things you can do is to walk away without saying goodbye after hearing the end bell. You minimize your chances of matching with one of the participants if you simply get up from the table and head for the door. Try to leave the impression that you have enjoyed communicating with your date. In fact, you never know where you might meet those people again.


Speed Dating Tips


We warmly suggest being decent during the meeting from the very beginning to the end. Say thanks for the time spent and continue the event with a positive attitude. It is important to make a good first impression. In that way, you improve the chances of a possible match. Wasn’t that the primary purpose of the speed dating events in Brisbane?


Choose your words wisely, as well as the questions you will ask the interlocutor. Keep in mind that your date is not an interview, you are not conducting the interview, so try to make communication a kind of two-way street. Stay positive and show your partner that you are enjoying your time with them.


For more advice about behavior at speed dating events in Brisbane, as well as reasons why it is useful to take part at least once, read this article.


5.   Practice Your conversation Skills


If you are feeling a little bit uncomfortable about your following challenge at the speed dating event when it comes to making new connections, you can try to relieve the tension by practicing communication skills.


It is important to know how to communicate and not to be shy, at the same time. Shy people can feel like they have ‘nothing to say, that they should have incredible stories to tell. But consider this: overcoming shyness doesn’t mean you suddenly think you’re cool. It’s more about forgetting about yourself and focusing on the outside.


Speed Dating Events in Brisbane


In that direction we recommend all participants at speed dating events in Brisbane, especially new ones, to take a little bit of preparation for communication skills before attending the event. Ask your best friend to ask you several questions they think are important so you could practice your answers. By preparing in advance and checking possible scenarios you will feel more comfortable and be able to communicate better your expectations and desires.


Practicing in front of the mirror could be a good idea, too. See how your performance will look from the interlocutor’s perspective. From that point, you will see if some aspects of speaking or body language can undergo modifications. Also, you can use your mobile to record your initial presentation. Check if this is how you want it to sound.


Final Thoughts


All the secrets for a more successful speed dating experience shared above will surely help if you apply them correctly. Therefore, sign up for one of the many speed dating events in Brisbane and move from theory to practice. Follow the advice and increase your chances of successful speed dating.

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